Lady Gaga Met The San Antonio Spurs, Cradled The Larry O’Brien Trophy

The San Antonio Spurs are playing a little preseason basketball over in Berlin. That in and of itself isn’t very exciting. But meeting Lady Gaga? That makes meaningless tune-up hoops seem like painting a picket fence in comparison.


Me and Ginobili! My favorite player! He’s even taller in person! What a doll!

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And what a treat when Tony Parker came back to see us, he was such a gentlemen, we were all laughing and he told us some great stories. A champion from the inside out! Thanks for the great time guys, I wish you a great season! View on Instagram



The Spurs and NBA were so sweet to me last night! They even let me hold their championship trophy! I felt like such a lady!

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You know, of all the teams for Gaga to hang with, the Spurs seem like the most ill-fitting. They’re just too damn fundamental and blue-collar. The Clippers? Sure, that would make sense.

We’ll have to see if the run-in with the multi-platinum recording artist is the straw that broke the dynasty’s back. I’d love for that narrative to emerge.

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