Los Angeles Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Called Out The Warriors For Flopping Mid-Game

Lakers coach Darvin Ham

Getty Image / Ezra Shaw

Everyone who likes basketball hates flopping, the colloquial term used when players try to embellish contact in order to get a foul call. It makes the game impossible to officiate, and makes the players look like wimps. And, Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham had enough of the Golden State Warriors flopping early in game 5 of their Western Conference Semifinals series.

It’s a huge game in both the series and in the legacy of Lakers star LeBron James and Warriors star Steph Curry. It’s the fifth and possibly final time from the generation’s two defining players.

After a close first quarter that saw the Lakers trail the Warriors by 4, Darvin Ham had to do his post-quarter interview. And, he was not happy about the Warriors flopping.

Sheesh. It may have something to do with this back-and-forth the last few days regarding the way Golden State is setting screens and other accusations of flopping. The Lakers have shot a lot more free throws than Golden State this series.

Of course, NBA fans objected to Darvin Ham insinuating that only one team is flopping in the series.

The Warriors won, 121-106, to force a game 6 in Los Angeles Thursday night.