Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham Endorsing Russell Westbrook Isn’t What The Fans Wanted To Hear

Lakers HC Darvin Ham Endorses Russell Westbrook At Summer League

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The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the biggest talking points of the NBA. With the Las Vegas Summer League underway, pictures surfaced of Rob Pelinka, Adrian Wojnarowski, and new head coach Darvin Ham chatting with one another.

But, as of now, nothing has surfaced. The tireless Kyrie Irving trade rumors have gone nowhere. Still, the Lakers youngsters are hopping in Sin City, and Ham and company are there to support and plan for the season.

The Charlotte Hornets defeated the Lakers on Sunday night in a sudden-death double overtime. But, it was Ham’s comments that got everybody going.

New Lakers HC Darvin Ham Fires Everybody Up With Positive Russell Westbrook Comments

During the game, Ham hopped on and discussed his new team.

Of course, the topic of Russell Westbrook came up. With the Irving rumors circulating nonstop, Westbrook has received an unworldly amount of slander.

But Ham’s comments aren’t exactly what Lakers fans wanted to hear.

Ham is “excited as hell.” He said so himself.

Unfortunately, most Lakers fans are pioneering and just waiting for the day the Irving trade is announced. So, as you’d expect, this didn’t go over too well.

Ham continued to rave about Westbrook.

Keep in mind that Ham wouldn’t publicly bash Westbrook, especially since there’s a chance the Irving trade doesn’t go through. What do we expect Ham to say?

Nonetheless, this might not be encouraging, although the smoke continues to build on a LeBron James-Kyrie Irving reunion.