The Lakers, Knicks And Jazz Are Reportedly Working On An Absolutely Massive Three-Team Trade

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Buckle up, basketball fans. According to a report from Mike Scotto of HoopsHype, the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Utah Jazz have engaged in talks about a massive trade.

The trade centers around superstars Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook. It would send Mitchell to the Knicks, Westbrook and draft picks to Utah, and the Lakers would receive Patrick Beverley, Jordan Clarkson and either Bojan Bogdanovic or Malik Beasley. The deal would also include Derrick Rose in order to make salaries work according to Scotto.

Scotto says that any deal involving Mitchell would cost the acquiring team and all involved a hefty price tag.

There’s a belief it’ll take five or even six first-round draft picks to land Mitchell.

Should Mitchell be traded, rival NBA executives believe a fire sale will happen immediately in Utah, signaling the start of a long-term rebuild. Playoff-caliber teams are monitoring Bojan Bogdanovic and Patrick Beverley, with both players entering contract seasons, league sources told HoopsHype.

Scotto also notes that the deal was discussed weeks ago, though he notes that trade talks have continued. The Lakers have struggled to move off of Westbrook’s gigantic contract. Trade rumors have linked the former league MVP to the Brooklyn Nets in a deal involving Kyrie Irving going to LA. But Westbrook’s high price tag and low value have scuppered that deal. The Nets reportedly want multiple first-round picks from the Lakers.

Westbrook could also end up on the Knicks if recentl reports are any indication.

Either way, it appears the NBA the is in for a massive shakeup in the near future.