Lamar Jackson Calls ‘Cap’ On Twitter Over Report That He Turned Down Massive Guaranteed Contract From Ravens

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Lamar Jackson still doesn’t have a long-term contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

It’s March 14, 2023. It’s the second official day of NFL free agency, and not only does Jackson not have a long-term deal with Baltimore, but it doesn’t appear one is close.

Jackson’s contract dispute with the Ravens has now spanned over a year.

Both sides have come under sharp criticism. Some fans believe the Ravens should just give Jackson, a former league MVP, his money. Others believe that owners across the league are conspiring to to deflate his value. And yet still others believe that situation could’ve all been avoided if Jackson would have just hired an agent.

But none of those things have happen (officially). And so here we are, going on what feels like day 1,405 of Lamar Jackson contract talks.

The latest news comes from Jackson himself after ESPN’s Adam Schefter had this to say on the latest episode of his podcast:

“Chris Mortensen and I reported on this last September, when Lamar Jackson was offered a deal that he turned down. A deal that included at the time he was offered $133 million due at signing,” Schefter said. “$133 million guaranteed. The contract also had injury guarantees that brought the guarantees to $175 million and it then had a springing guarantee that could’ve brought the value for the contract, the guaranteed money of the contract to $200 million in guarantees… and yes, those were the actual numbers and that was the situation. So those really were the guarantees for Lamar Jackson.” – via Baltimore Beatdown

Jackson, however, took to Twitter to say that such a deal never existed.

He also used the reported offer to mock the idea that he needs to hire an agent.

Whatever offer there actually was, the two sides clearly did not agree on. So we forge on, Lamar Jackson without a contract, the Baltimore Ravens without a long-term QB, and the rest of us left waiting for answer.