Lamar Jackson Is Getting Playbook Inspiration From A Surprising Place

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

Lamar Jackson has been finding routes for the Baltimore Ravens’ playbook on social media.

The star QB has been sending them to his quarterback coach, who has then been adding them to the playbook.

There was a long stretch of this year’s NFL offseason where it looked like things weren’t going to work out between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

After more than a year of contract negotiations, the Ravens and Jackson weren’t able to agree on an extension and the Ravens ended up using the non-exclusive franchise tag on their star quarterback.

Luckily, they ended up getting things figured out. The Ravens gave Jackson one of the richest contracts in NFL history and now they will head into this season knowing that they are secure at the quarterback position.

With that settled, Jackson has been able to turn his attention back to football and it seems he has even been finding some inspiration from the team’s playbook in an unexpected place.

According to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Jackson has been seeing routes on social media that he likes and sending them to his QB coach to put into the playbook.

“Jackson told me he has seen some routes that he likes just kinda looking through social media, he sent them to his quarterback coach [Todd Monken] who then put it in the playbook. Jackson said, ‘Man, I’m glad he’s listening to me.'”

The Baltimore Ravens have been talking about becoming a more pass-heavy offense during the 2023 NFL season. Since Jackson’s debut in the league, few teams have leaned on the run as much as the Ravens.

With that changing, it looks like Jackson is getting some input on what the new offense will look like.

With the contract he just signed and the Ravens adding weapons this offseason, there are going to be big expectations for Lamar Jackson this year. We’ll see if the routes he’s added to the playbook help him meet those expectations.