White Sox Ace Lance Lynn Reveals Heated Argument With Coach Stemmed From Debate Over Steak And Potatoes

Lance Lynn Reveals Argument With Coach Came From Steak Debate

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  • White Sox ace Lance Lynn got into a heated argument with the third base coach during Monday’s game.
  • After the game, Lynn revealed why he was so heated.
  • It turns out it was due to a steak and potatoes disagreement.

Chicago White Sox ace Lance Lynn is clearly picky about his choice of steak.

During the White Sox game against the Detroit Tigers on Monday, Lynn got into a verbal exchange with third base coach Joe McEwing.

Lynn could have been frustrated at himself. After all, he went 4.1 innings, giving up three runs on 10 hits. After the game, Lynn spoke about the exchange with McEwing.

Lance Lynn Is Apparently Particular About His Steak

Lynn and McEwing were clearly angry about something, and Lynn said after the game that they just disagreed on steak.

Lynn must be joking, right? He has to be.

We have seen Lynn use this type of sarcasm before in press conferences, so surely that’s what this was. Still, this is a hilarious quote from Lynn, and if it was serious, just an unbelievable back and forth from McEwing and Lynn.

In reality, Lynn might have been upset about defensive positioning, and frustration boiled over from his short start.

Nonetheless, what a classic exchange by Lynn with reporters after the game. The veteran will try and bounce back next time around, and hopefully he and McEwing can put this aside and focus on getting back to baseball.