Lane Kiffin Chirps Back At Tulane Players During Fiesty Pregame Exchange In New Orleans

Lane Kiffin Ole Miss Tulane
Brad Logan

Lane Kiffin wants ALL the smoke. That was abundantly clear prior to Saturday’s game against Tulane.

Ole Miss, at 1-0, rolled into New Orleans in front of a sold-out crowd in Uptown. The Green Wave are coming off of a Cotton Bowl win over USC after a magical season in 2022 and it has reignited the excitement surrounding the program.

Its student section really showed up and showed out!

There was also a large contingency of Rebels fans, who love any excuse to get a Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s.

In fact, outside of the students, the visitors appeared to have the home side outnumbered. It was something of an away game takeover.

All of this goes to say that both sides were fired up for a Top-25 college football matchup between two former SEC rivals. It was a tense atmosphere in the stands at Yulman Stadium.

The same can be said for the action on the gridiron.

Tulane players surrounded the visitor’s tunnel as Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss took the field. A few of them had some choice words for the 48-year-old head coach.

Lane Kiffin turned right around and chirped right back!

This is not the first time that the Rebels’ head coach has gotten into it with an opposing player. He has never been one to hold back.

If an opponent comes at Kiffin, Kiffin is going to come at the opponent. His interaction with a Texas A&M player last October is the perfect example.

Some people (the grumpy olds) may not like him interacting with players in such a manner. That’s okay.

Kiffin doesn’t care. He’s going to do what he does and he does it unapologetically.

Nobody in college football chirps like Kiffin, so be prepared if you try to get one past him!