Lane Kiffin Performs Rock Show At Daughter’s Grad Party, Fans Guess His Setlist

Lane Kiffin walks the field at an Ole Miss game.

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A photo of Ole Miss head football coach Lane Kiffin is now going viral on social media. The image shows the Rebels’ leader strumming a guitar front stage at a backyard party.

The crowd gathered to congratulate Kiffin’s daughter, Landry, on her recent graduation, but her father might’ve stolen the show.

While a band was hired to provide the entertainment, it appears that Kiffin played at least a few songs at his daughter’s request.

“Well, when Landry asked me to stay at Ole Miss for her, I did. When she asked me to get on stage for her, I did. High school graduation party in the backyard,” Kiffin told Trey Wallace of Outkick earlier this week.

This photo of that on-stage appearance is now making the rounds on social media, leading many to take a guess at the head coach’s setlist.

Check out some of the hilarious reactions.

No party is complete without a little Jimmy Buffet.

Wagon Wheel by request, maybe?

Or possibly a popular throwback?

And for the finale…

All jokes aside, Kiffin might have a future as a frontman if this coaching thing doesn’t work out. In true rock fashion, he sang in style, with that previous Outkick article saying that he changed into three different wardrobes throughout the night.

A true performer.

Lane Kiffin and his daughter have been enjoying the graduation accomplishment, also taking a trip to New York City to commemorate the achievement. Landry will now spend her next four years at Ole Miss cheering her rockstar dad on from the students’ section.