Las Vegas Raiders Reportedly Turned Down Blockbuster Deal

Las Vegas Raiders helmet

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

At the start of this NFL offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders were one of the teams that were believed to be interested in making a move up to pick 1.

The team was in desperate need of a franchise quarterback after releasing Derek Carr, but wasn’t;t guaranteed to be able to find one with the 7th pick in the draft.

We know now that they won’t be the team that ends up with the top.pick.

The Carolina Panthers ended up landing the pick in exchange for the 9th pick in the draft, a first rounder next year, a couple of 2nd rounders, and DJ Moore.

It turns out that the Raiders actually had a chance to acquire the pick before it went to the Carolina Panthers, but turned down the trade offer from the Chicago Bears.

According to The Athletic’s Jeff Howe and Tashan Reed, the Bears wanted pick 7, two future 1st rounders, a 2nd rounder this year, and a 2nd rounder next year.

This trade is pretty much in line with what the bears ended up getting from the Panthers, but they’d have been getting another 1st instead of DJ Moore.

Whether or not the deal would have been worth it really depends on how you feel about this year’s quarterback class.

It seems clear that there’s a gulf between the top 2 QBs and and whoever would be available at pick 7.

That doesn’t really matter if you don’t think one of those top 2 is “the guy”.

A price like that only makes sense if you think you’re securing your future.

It appears the Las Vegas Raiders felt differently and now they’ll head into 2023 with Jimmy Garoppolo and maybe a QB if there is one left at pick 7.