Laura Rutledge’s Two-Year-Old Daughter Reese Finishes CFB Season With Remarkable Pick-Em Record

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  • ESPN college football reporter and host Laura Rutledge is one of the best on television.
  • However, her daughter Reese might be even more impressive when it comes to picking college football winners.
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Laura Rutledge gave birth to her first child, Reese Rutledge, on October 19, 2019. Although she is only two years old, she is an absolute savant, and a way better sports bettor than you despite her age.

Her record in picking college football season games this season is remarkably impressive. After correctly picking the College Football Playoff National Championship on Sunday, Reese finished the year at 14-3.

If you had tailed Reese’s picks throughout the fall, you would have finished up 11 units. That means, hypothetically, if you put $100 on every single one of the picks that Reese made during the 2021/22, college football season, you would have made $1,100. Nooooot too shabby— especially for a two-year-old!

Every week, Reese makes her pick in the most wholesome way possible. The helmets of the two teams are placed next to each other and Reese is situated at a distance. When she gets the okay, she runs over to the helmet of the team that she thinks will win.

Here is how the year went:

Week 1 started with Georgia vs. Clemson. She chose Clemson and started 0-1.

Reese took the loss like a champion.

And she evened the score with her second pick of the first week.

Ahead of Week 2, Reese picked Arkansas to beat Texas and was right.

In Week 4, in a matchup that split Laura and her husband Josh, she went with her dad’s alma mater and was correct.

She was wrong in Week 5 when she picked Mississippi State to beat LSU.

But, once again, she bounced back on her birthday by picking Alabama to beat Ole Miss.

Reese kept the streak going by taking LSU to lose to Kentucky in Week 7.

A week later, she rattled off another win by taking Georgia over Kentucky.

Reese continued her winning ways by taking Ole Miss over LSU in Week 9.

And had the Gators over the Bulldogs in Week 10.

At 8-2 in Week 11, Reese was right once again by taking Texas A&M over Auburn.

She tried to ride the Aggies’ momentum in Week 12, but Ole Miss came out victorious and she was wrong.

Reese, however, issued an apology to the Rebels.

From that point on, Reese didn’t miss. She chose Alabama over Arkansas and Alabama over Auburn, Alabama over Georgia, and Alabama over Cincinnati.


To close out the year, Reese went against the Tide and picked the Bulldogs.

Reese was right and finished her remarkable run at 14-3. What a season for little Rutledge!