If You Believe This Tweet About LeBron James And The Firing Of David Blatt You Are A Colossal Moron

lebron james trench coat meme

LeBron James, Instagram

Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a classic Friday #WojBomb late this afternoon, reporting that the Cavs fired head coach, David Blatt, who had a record of 30-11 at the time of his dismissal. Then ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tweeted the following, which might be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

LeBron James “was not consulted on decision” because LeBron James made this decision [Legal note: ALLEGEDLY]. But come on, man

The first reply says it ALL.

And so does this one.

In fact, the entire timeline of LeBron’s media mouthpiece is an absolute joy of a shitshow right now.

The positive spin? This takes attention away from the Browns. See, there’s always a sliver of good, even with the bad.

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