LeBron James Faces Backlash For Celebrating Deshaun Watson Trade Amid Watson’s Sexual Assault Lawsuits

LeBron James

  • An excited LeBron James celebrated the Browns trade for Deshaun Watson, who is currently facing 22 sexual assault lawsuits.
  • LeBron’s tweet received immediate backlash from fans who were angry that he was celebrating Watson’s trade to Cleveland.
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Cleveland Browns superfan LeBron James is excited about the team’s newest acquisition Deshaun Watson, but Bron’s enthusiasm for Watson isn’t sitting well with some fans.

On Friday, the Browns announced they had acquired Watson via trade and signed him to a monster $230 million contract that was fully guaranteed.

Not long after the news broke, James celebrated Watson’s trade to Cleveland on Twitter.

Considering Watson is still facing 22 sexual assault lawsuits and allegations, some fans thought it was in poor taste for LeBron to be celebrating the trade.