LeBron James Gets Called Out For Lying After His Bizarre Comment About Warriors Roster Goes Viral

LeBron James

Nearly every single roster in the NBA has been decimated due to health and safety protocols, but for whatever reason, LeBron James decided to single out the Warriors during his postgame press conference on Saturday night.

After losing to the Nets on Christmas day, LeBron talked about the Lakers struggling because they have players out while claiming the top two seeds in the west; the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns didn’t have any guys sitting out.

LeBron was obviously dead wrong, considering half the Warriors roster was out when they beat Phoenix on Saturday.

“Nobody’s gonna feel sorry for our record,” “Nobody’s gonna for sorry for guys. Everybody, besides Golden State and Phoenix, everybody has guys out.”


Warriors fans were beside themselves when the team has been without star Klay Thompson and former first-round pick James Wiseman for the entire season.


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