LeBron Shares Cool Message To The Indians, Gets Trolled HARD By Dwyane Wade Over Their World Series Bet

NO ONE was more pumped than LeBron James during Game 7 of the World Series when Rajai Davis homered to tie the game for the Indians in the late stages.

Sadly for LeBron and the rest of the Cavs in attendance (including a once-agan shirtless J.R. Smith, as we all know now, it wasn’t enough and the Chicago Cubs took home their first World Series title in 108 years. Yeah, seriously, it’s been that long. Haven’t you heard?

Anyway, following the heartbreaking loss, LeBron shared a very cool message directed at the Indians moments after the game ended.

“Use this as inspiration and get ready for next year,” was part of his message, and this is a man who knows all about how to do just that.

Now then, as great as that was, the Indians’ loss to the Cubs will still have some repercussions for LeBron as he made a wager with his good buddy, and Chicago native, Dwyane Wade on the outcome.

Part of the bet has something to do with wine, but the most important part of the bet is this…

Something tells me that Wade hasn’t forgotten either…

Ouch, that’s going to sting even more when James actually has to wear that come December 2nd.