LeBron James Is Cryptically Subtweeting Someone, Probably One Of His Teammates

LeBron James should honestly start making guest appearances on General Hospital because no one enjoys laughable drama quite like the King. It’s always something. If it’s not having his coach fired — allegedly — it’s a beef with Kevin Love or whoever he has yet to have a beef with.

Per the constantly swinging NBA rumor will, Kyrie Irving apparently wants out of Cleveland and such a notion has made LeBron very upset, as evidenced by this bizarre, cryptic tweet. But who knows. Take your best guess as to who this is actually aimed at.

Yeah, Bron-Bron might be a little insane.

Perhaps he’s simply berating himself? Really, it could be anyone. Maybe it’s the Dominos delivery boy who failed to provide napkins? All options are open. Nonetheless, there are few things more respectable than the supposed leader of a team sending subtweets because he doesn’t have the balls to actually say, you know, what he wants to say.