LeBron James Appears To Take Shot At Lakers While Talking About Aaron Rodgers

LeBron James made some interesting comments during Amazon’s alternative broadcast of the Titans-Packers game.

On Thursday night, LeBron, Rich Paul, Paul Rivera, Dez Bryant, and Jalen Ramsey were featured in the alternate broadcast of Amazon’s Thursday Night Football game.

During the broadcast, the crew began discussing the situation between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

LeBron said he believed the Packers were wasting Aaron Rodgers’ prime years by not doing everything in their power to surround him with elite talent.

Rivera immediately asked LeBron if he was talking about himself or Rodgers.

“When you got a transcendent franchise player like Aaron Rodgers… why wouldn’t you surround that when you got the picks to maximize what you do”

Fans immediately believed LeBron was taking a shot at the Lakers with his comment.



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