LeBron James Teammates Praise Him In The Weirdest Way Imaginable During Postgame Interview

Los Angeles Laker star LeBron James

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There’s no telling when LeBron James will bring his legendary career to an end, but you can be pretty sure the “MJ  vs. LeBron” debate will continue to rage in bars, barbershops, and ESPN studios well after that inevitable day arrives.

I’m not here to rehash one of the most tired arguments on the planet, but regardless of which side you fall on, it’s impossible to deny LeBron is really, really, really, ridiculously good at basketball and has more than achieved enough to be in the conversation for the “Greatest of All Time” label.

On Tuesday, James once again cemented his greatness during the showdown between the Lakers and the Jazz.

Los Angeles needed a win to clinch a spot in the playoffs, and the superstar did what he could to contribute to the cause by recording 37 points, five rebounds, and six assists in a contest where he scored the game-winning basket to ensure the Lakers will be participating in the postseason.

That last basket delivered a striking blow to the hearts of the “lEbRoN iSn’T cLuTcH” crowd that somehow still exists despite ample evidence to the contrary.

The members of that particular faction of haters may reject the notion that James deserves the “G.O.A.T.” label, but it’s safe to say his teammates think he’s earned that moniker based on what unfolded after the contest.

LeBron sat down at his locker to reflect on the win following the game, but it was a bit hard to hear what he had to say while speaking with the media thanks to the other players who treated us to a laugh-out-loud moment by filling the dressing room with goat noises while making their stance on the aforementioned matter very clear.


The Lakers have faced plenty of issues this season, but the vibes were definitely immaculate on Tuesday night.

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