LeBron James Blasts Report Claiming NBA Executives And Agents Want To Cancel Season

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LeBron James is firing back at reports claiming team executives and agents are pushing for the cancellation of the season.

On Thursday morning, CNBC released a report that revealed several league executives are leaning towards cancelling the season for a variety of reasons.


Team executives are starting to feel the pressure, frustrated with the lack of information from the league and pushing for an outright cancellation of the season so everyone can focus on safely resuming play next season.

NBA team executives and players’ agents spoke to CNBC in recent weeks about the challenges in resuming play. They said team owners are concerned with liability issues and are conflicted about whether or not to give up on the current season. The individuals spoke on condition of anonymity as they aren’t authorized to discuss league matters publicly.

The report goes on to say that NBA agents are also calling on Adam Silver to cancel the season.

With so much uncertainty still surrounding coronavirus, agents are also privately calling on NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to cancel the remainder of the season.

“I’m surprised because [Silver] always errs on the side of caution and doing what’s right,” said one agent, who added he felt Silver would have decided to cancel by now.

Player representatives have also questioned why the league continues to drag on what appears to be an inevitable cancellation of the season. With so many concerns the league must address, including how to deal with trigger dates in coaches and player contracts, few see the upside.

LeBron saw the report and immediately shut it down on Twitter.

We’ll see if LeBron is right about the report being false in the coming weeks when the NBA eventually makes their decision on whether or not to restart the season.