NBA Fans Blast LeBron James For Not Shaking Hands With Phoenix Suns Players After Lakers Were Eliminated From Playoffs

  • The LA Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs after losing game 6 vs the Phoenix Suns
  • LeBron James was criticized for showing poor sportsmanship by not shaking hands with Suns players after the game
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The Lakers lost again and LeBron James isn’t handling it well.

Earlier this week LeBron drew the ire of NBA fans after he left the Lakers blowout loss in game 5 against the Suns with over 5 minutes left to go in the game.

LeBron pissed off fans again on Thursday night during game 6 of the Lakers-Suns series. After the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs, LeBron bolted to the locker room and didn’t shake hands with any of the Phoenix Suns players on the court.

LeBron was immediately blasted by fans for the not shaking hands after the game.

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