Lindsey Vonn Wipes Out Foilsurfing 3 Weeks After Knee Surgery, Jokes It’s Not ‘Doctor Approved’

Lindsey Vonn former pro skier

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Lindsey Vonn, one of the most decorated ski racers in US history, recently underwent another knee surgery and shared pictures from the hospital on July 27th. Less than three weeks later, Lindsey Vonn shared a video of foilsurfing and wiping out hard in the water, joking that it wasn’t a ‘doctor approved’ activity.

Vonn shared the e-foilsurfing video on Threads where she’s shredding around a lake. She takes a few pretty brutal falls, landing on her face and backside. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopped into Lindsey’s mentions with ‘👏👏’, Zuck is a known e-foilsurfer himself.

Having underwent knee surgery myself, though I’m the furthest thing from an Olympic athlete, I cannot fathom doing this less than three weeks after knee surgery:

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Lindsey posted same video video to Instagram.

The top two comments are:

“Didn’t she literally just have knee surgery?!?”

And “This video gives me so much hope. I’m getting my first ever knee surgery at Steadman this week (ski accident in Chile a couple weeks ago). I love seeing you up and crushing it just a few weeks after yours.”

This was Lindsey Vonn on July 27th. In the caption, Vonn wrote “I got another surgery because I’ve been dealing with all the damage from my ski racing career and have been trying to manage the pain as best I can. This surgery is hopefully a big step to help me long term. We still have work to do, and most likely another surgery, but I hope this will help me for a bit.”

Ryan Reynolds hopped in her mentions at the time to say “Heart of a lioness.” Vonn retired in 2019 after injuries mounted up.

While the foilsurfing video above is sure to give a lot of people motivation to recover from knee surgery, it’s worth mentioning that patients should be following the orders of their doctors. Vonn joked it wasn’t a ‘doctor approved’ activity. And if a doctor says ‘stay off it for a month’ after knee surgery, it’s best to listen to their medical expertise.