Controversy Erupts As Detroit Lions Lose On Clear Missed Holding Call

Aidan Hutchinson

Getty Image / Ray Del Rio

Every year, NFL officials seem to blow a few games due to egregious missed calls. And, the Detroit Lions were the unfortunate recipient of a bad call that cost them a game when a clear hold on an Aidan Hutchinson pass rush was ignored on the Seattle Seahawks’ winning touchdown in overtime.

It’s pretty bad. Take a look on the right side of the screen. Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson clearly held on the play.

Here’s another look.

Yeah, that’s clearly holding. That would’ve backed the Seahawks up for a third and long. And, as long as they don’t score a touchdown, the Lions get a chance to go down to try and score to tie or win the game. Detroit’s offense had been moving the ball all day, so there’s a good chance they could have at least tied the game.

Credit to Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith for making a great play there, though.

Still, that’s a tough way for the Lions to lose as they looked to go to 2-0 and continue their great play from the end of last season.

Both the Seahawks and Lions are now 1-1. Seattle will host the Carolina Panthers in week three while the Lions hosted the surprisingly 2-0 Atlanta Falcons.