Little Bro Macked Steph Curry’s Daughter, Riley, With A Homemade Sign At Warriors Game

by 3 years ago


I’m watching this Warriors-Mavs game tonight and thinking to myself, “holy shit, how does Steph Curry not make a three in the first-half and Draymond Green not even ATTEMPT a fucking shot and the Dubs are still up eight at halftime?”

Yeah, that’s how good Golden State is.

And while the league takes notice of how scary the defending champs have been this season, one little Warriors fan has taken notice in something else—Curry’s daughter, Riley, who made a name for herself at her dad’s press conference’s during the team’s playoff run last year.

Hoping to get the attention of the young Curry, this little bro started his mack early, making a homemade sign asking if she would be his valentine this year.

Even better, the tiny dude got the chance to ask Riley’s dad face-to-face, with the verdict still out whether or not the bro will get his wish.

Starting early with his game, this kid is a future bro.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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