Second Grade Teacher Intercepts Note Between Two Trash-Talking Baseball Fans And It’s Damn Adorable

Opening Day is in the books. Some fans have already written off their team’s season as a failure while other fanbases are already planning to take off from work on the day of the championship parade.

Everyone calm the hell down. There are 161 more games to go.

Even though the season is young, there’s already significant trash-talking going on between rival fans. Take this note passed between young fans of the Red Sox and Yankees that was intercepted by their teacher. You can just feel the years of hatred built up inside these two 7-year-old baseball fans.

Being a Yankees fan, it pains me to admit this, but the Red Sox fan wins this round. Sure, the Red Sox stink but the Sox fan goes for the kill by bringing out the big guns early. Being accused of having poop pants in the world of second graders, well, there’s no recovery.

I also have it on good authority that the Yankees, indeed, do have poop pants because they’re all over the age of 40.

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