LIV Golf Player May Have Been Caught Peeing On Live Television

LIV Golf flag

Getty Image / Hector Vivas

Golf is one of the more laid-back sports to play unless, of course, you’re a professional.

But sometimes the pros want to be just like the rest of us and that might just be the case with what happened at Saturday’s LIV Golf event.

Matt McCarthy recorded an incident that took place on live television. One LIV Golf player was preparing to tee off. However, somebody runs across the screen and appears to pee in the bushes.

Turns out the culprit is pro golfer Sergio Garcia, who’s been around the PGA Tour for years before signing with LIF Golf.

Had he just run like, maybe three more feet off to the side we never would have known what he was doing. But, it really looks like he’s peeing in the middle of a LIV Golf event.

I mean, most guys who play golf have been in that situation. But most of us aren’t being televised or playing professionally.

This is actually a hilarious moment for sports. It might just be a candidate for blooper of the year. How did ESPN not get this on their “Not Top-10” segment?

As you can imagine, Golf fans couldn’t help but crack jokes about the situation.

A perfect Happy Gilmore reference.

Clever wordplay.

We just hope LIV Golf sticks around for the long haul, as it never ceases to entertain.

Benedetto Vitale is a sports writer for BroBible focusing on NFL and MMA. He graduated from the University of Oregon and resides in Greenville, SC.