Logan Paul Reacts To Dillon Danis Threatening To Release Photo Of Fiancee Nina Agdal That Would Break Up Their Engagement

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal

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Logan Paul is firing back at Dillon Danis.

For the past three weeks, Danis has been posting photos of Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal with other men ahead of their fight in October.

Danis claims that he has a photo of Agdal that would cause Paul to break his engagement with her.

During a recent podcast appearance, Paul thinks Danis is lying about having a uncompromising picture of Agdal and is calling on him to release it.

“We sat down at a table me and Dillon for 30 minutes…In it he was asked about that photo and I was like bro you know what I think, I think you’re an F’in liar, not just with this but with everything, Dillon’s a liar, he lies about everything, he’s a troll…

“You say you have this photo, why don’t you post it? Post the F’ing photo bro…I called his bluff, and even he did have some grotesque, deranged, explicit photo, this dude was dumb enough to tweet about having the photo and transferring which is a crime in itself”

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