One Los Angeles Rams Player Already Seems To Be In Sean McVay’s Doghouse After Season Opener


Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

After the first game of the NFL season, most of the focus was on the way the Buffalo Bills dominated the defending Super Bowl champions. However, for many fans who play fantasy football, there was one other huge takeaway from the game. Drafting Cam Akers might not work out for them.

To the surprise of many football fans, Darrell Henderson started the game at running back and got the vast majority of touches at running back.

Today, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay was asked about that player and didn’t seem to indicate a change would be coming soon.

This first comment is particularly interesting as Akers only got 3 carries in the game. One of those came from 12 yards behind the line of scrimmage, so him getting back to the line of scrimmage feels like he maximized that opportunity.

McVay went on to explain that the decision on Akers’ usage comes down to Akers not living up to expectations or the potential that McVay sees in him.

Sean McVay expects more from Cam Akers

One play that stands out as a particular reason he may be in the doghouse right now came on this block that he chose not to make, leading to Matt Stafford taking a big hit.

He was already behind Henderson in the pecking order at that time, but it surely didn’t help his efforts to change that.

Akers was already facing an uphill battle this season. He is trying to come back from tearing his achilles last season, something that running backs never seem to fully recover from. Now, he has to try to supplant Darrell Henderson while making that return.

There is still plenty of time for Akers to work his way up the Rams depth chart this season, but it could be a long year for anybody who drafted him if he doesn’t change things soon.

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