LPGA Golfer Charley Hull Challenges Random Guy To Match After He Floats Absurd Claim Online

LPGA golfer Charley Hull

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Professional athletes have to deal with plenty of online trolls with a tendency to make some truly outlandish claims while hiding behind a keyboard. In most cases, the best approach is to ignore them, but it’s hard not to respect the strategy LPGA golfer Charley Hull recently opted to deploy.

Anyone who plays and watches golf on a regular basis knows the pros possess an amount of talent the average hack can only dream of sniffing one day, and you need to be impressively delusional to convince yourself you could hang with them if given the chance.

Earlier this week, golf coach Lou Stagner posted a DM he received from a random guy who claimed that having a handicap of three and the ability to consistently hit his driver 290 yards would be enough for him to not only make every cut on the LPGA Tour but become one of the top 20 players on the circuit.

That thought experiment hinges on the fact that the average LPGA golfer hits around 250 yards off the tee and competes in tournaments where the course tends to clock in at around 6,400 yards (for the sake of comparison, those numbers are respectively around 290 and 7,200 on the PGA Tour).

With that said, driving distance is far from the only metric that sets you up for success on the links, and plenty of people were quick to dismiss the guy’s fairly outlandish claims.

However, Hull (who’s racked up six wins since turning pro in 2013) opted to give the man a chance to put his theory to the test while challenging him to a match (she also agreed to give him the advantage he’d probably need by letting him play from the red tees while she plays from the whites).

It’s hard to imagine this showdown will actually come to fruition, but I would love to see how that dude fares against the 27-year-old LPGA golfer who’s currently ranked 8th in the world.

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