LSU Receives Punishment From FBI Investigation, Fans Blast ‘Spineless’ NCAA

An LSU football helmet on the sidelines during a game.

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The NCAA has reportedly handed down its penalty for the LSU athletic department following an FBI investigation. Those issues stemmed largely from potential player payments involving both the football and basketball programs.

While Will Wade was at the helm in Baton Rouge, he was taped offering recruits money to join the Tigers’ basketball team. His famous “strong a– offer” quote quickly went viral, and it wound up being his demise.

The coach was let go by the university, though he’s since landed at McNeese State.

Before even coaching a game with the Cowboys, Wade was slapped with a suspension. The five-game absence was self-imposed as his new employer wrote it into his contract. The NCAA doubled that suspension when handing down its latest punishment.

But Wade wasn’t the only person affected. The LSU Tigers were given three years of probation, both to the football and basketball programs.

The football issues revolved around recruiting violations under Ed Orgeron, as well as Odell Beckham Jr’s handing out cash to players in the LSU locker room.

While the teams will be under close watch for the next few years, the NCAA did not impose any postseason bans.

Many fans think the Tigers got off easy as they posted reactions on social media.

This fan believes it’s the equivalent of a sternly worded letter.

Did the punishment fit the crime?

This follower went as far as to call the NCAA “spineless” after seeing the LSU penalty.

Without the postseason bans, the Tigers will be eligible for March Madness and the soon-to-be extended College Football Playoff. The basketball team went just 14-19 last year while the football team won the SEC West.

Jacob Elsey
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