RIP: LSU’s Tiger Mascot, Mike VI, Has Joined Harambe In Heaven

Sad day for LSU Bros and the entire state of Louisiana. Bros, pour one out for another beautiful soul joining animal Sainthood tonight. LSU’s live tiger mascot, Mike VI, has passed away. He was euthanized on Monday after the University announced that his cancer had spread.

The tiger was diagnosed in May with a rare and inoperable form of cancer. At the time, veterinarians said treating its spindle cell sarcoma with radiation therapy could extend the tiger’s life by one or two more years.

However, last week, the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine announced that a CT scan and physical exam showed a tumor in the tiger’s skull had grown and his cancer had spread, giving him only one or two months left to live.

The 420-pound tiger was 2 years old when he arrived at LSU, donated by an Indiana animal sanctuary. He lived in a 15,000-square-foot enclosure and yard next to Tiger Stadium.

LSU says Mike was one of only two live tiger college mascots in the U.S. and the only one living on a college campus.

Mike VI joins Harambe — hallowed be his name — in heaven. RIP, Mike VI.

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