Oakland Athletics’ Pitcher Luis Medina Made The Most Boneheaded Play Of The Season

Luis Medina

Getty Image / Greg Fiume

The Oakland Athletics are a really bad baseball team. But, they may have reached a new low on Saturday due to a huge mishap by young pitcher Luis Medina.

Currently, the Oakland Athletics are on pace for a whopping 45-117 record. That would be the worst record of any team since the 2003 Detroit Tigers went 43-119.

The Oakland Athletics are last in the league in batting average and OPS, last in ERA, last in WHIP, and near the bottom of basically every statistical category. And, they can blame owner John Fisher.

The longtime owner of the Athletics has refused to spend money on the ballclub’s payroll, which is currently at an embarrassing $27 million among active players. He’s moving the franchise out of Oakland to Las Vegas, as well. It’s just a bad situation all around.

And, they reached a new low on Saturday, thanks to rookie pitcher Luis Medina. Take a look.

That is astonishing. What is he doing? It is good hustle by Ildermo Vargas, but that’s inexcusable. That’s something you see in tee ball in the local rec league, not the majors.

Twitter had a field day.

Vargas would come around to score, and the Athletics would eventually lose 3-2 on a walk-off home run by Keibert Ruiz.

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