Luke Bryan Shows Off Massive 10+ Pound Largemouth Bass With His Son Bo

country music star Luke Bryan

Getty Image / Monica Schipper

Country Music superstar Luke Bryan recently shared a photo from a fishing trip with his 15-year-old son, Bo Bryan, who fans say ‘looks more like Luke Bryan than Luke Bryan looks like Luke Bryan.’

But it wasn’t the striking father-son resemblance that blew away the fishing community, it was the 10+ pound trophy largemouth bass that Luke Bryan’s son Bo caught.

Luke Bryan posted a picture of his son’s lunker largemouth bass with the caption ‘Bo Bryan. Welcome to the 10 pound club.’ Reading between the lines, that means that Luke Bryan himself is already a member of the coveted ’10 pound bass’ fishing club.

Luke’s other son, Tate, is also a member of the 10+ pound club after catching this 12 pounder in February. In this caption, Luke Bryan said it took him 45 years of fishing to enter the 10 pound club.

Luke Bryan and his son Bo were on a fishing trip with Luke’s property manager, Troy Goldsby, songwriter Dallas Davidson, and legendary bass fisherman Kevin VanDam.

Luke Bryan has been signing about that lifestyle for years. His hit song ‘Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day’ hit #1 on Billboard‘s Country airplay. So it’s nice to see he’s out there living that life and not just sining about it.

On Instagram, Luke Bryan’s followers couldn’t get past how much is son Bo looks just like dad. They wrote:

“He looks more like Luke Bryan than Luke Bryan.”

“Wow does your son ever look like you. Great photo.”

“I’m convinced there are 2 Luke Bryan’s here.”

“Oh my god he’s literally your TWIN.”

The resemblance is uncanny but it’s most evident in the smile. Like father, like son.