Mac Jones Discusses Practice Incident With Bill Belichick

Patriots QB Mac Jones

Getty Image / Omar Rawlings

Over the last year, there have been some major questions about the relationship between New England Patriots QB Mac Jones and head coach Bill Belichick.

Last season was a weird one for the team as the Pats didn’t have a real offensive coordinator.

That situation led to some unhappiness for both Jones and Belichick.

That led to an uneasy feeling carrying into the offseason as Belichick refused to commit to Jones early in the offseason.

With everything going on with the Pats, it’s no surprise that Belichick chewing Jones out during practice earlier this week was viewed as notable.

Jones was asked about it after practice and took the blame for the incident, saying it was because of a miscommunication on offense.

“So, we scored on the two-minute drive with a field goal, and then we just wanted to try a situation again,” Jones said. “We just kind of redid the situation, I guess. That was fun, I guess, but it was my fault. I think it was just a miscommunication between all of us. But it was fine. It was a good learning experience. It’s too hard to explain in football terms to the media and stuff, but it was kind of a nuance, because we kind of repeated a situation we just did, you know what I’m saying? So that’s what we need, though, so both teams can get the situation, try and practice it and then do it again to get it right.”

It seems there isn’t much to read into this and it really just came down to Belichick wanting better execution from his team, which is nothing new.

There will likely still be plenty of people watching the relationship between Mac Jones and Bill Belichick very closely this season, but there shouldn’t be any issues if Jones can get the New England Patriots’ offense back on track.