‘Major League Combat’ (AKA Juggle-Fighting) Is Arguably the Most Bizzare Sport You’ll Ever See

Earlier today, my friend sent me the video you see below. It took me awhile to process what was happening, as it appeared to be all the makings of some sort of parody–the type you see on the internet because the creators are overly obsessed with some hilarious idea, but forget that the rest of the world is comprised of people who, spoiler alert, couldn't give less of a shit if the world's shit-giving altruism depended on it. 

But as you keep watching, that notion fades. And shit gets real. And then comes the holy shit moment. 

This might actually be real. 

So like any average blogger who knows very little about the craft of journalism, I went on Google.com and searched the word “Major League Combat.” Most everything about the “sport”–including this blank Facebook Page with an overwhelming 7 'Likes'–appeared to be from three years ago. The only recent mentions have been in the last few days. One coming from this blog, (whose hilarious breakdown concludes the sport must be fake), and the other from this message board.      

So with all that in mind, the following:

1. Even if it's “fake,” the tremendous effort into making this “real” pretty much means its real.

2. Who is the Patches O' Houlihan of this Sport? 

3. If you want to make a “cool” and “edgy” documentary with that attempts to be really smart by dissecting life themes and lessons from an obscure and trivial thing, look no further. You'll be the star of SXSW in no time. 

4. Where did the sport originate? 

  • Most important for determining style of music for the inevitable Do the John Wall-esque song created by the entourage of an MLC superstar 

5.  Concluding “man, things that exist are weird” sentiment. 

  • Cause they are. 


[H/T: The Z-Man]