Two Famous Brothers Bet $880,000 On Mayweather-McGregor Fight And Plan On Donating Winnings To Charity

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We’re about two weeks out from the fight of the year in Las Vegas. This fight won’t be good, and we’re going to see Conor McGregor get his ass beat in his first ever professional boxing match, but it’s still going to bring more money into the sport of Boxing than anyone has seen in years. We are CERTAIN to see some more crazy bets filed in the coming days, but an anonymous bet placed over the weekend began to raise a lot of eyebrows. Anytime a bet close to $1 million is wagered it’s going to get a lot of attention

Anonymous bettors? Not anymore. It was the Maloof Brothers who placed the bet:

The Maloof Brothers are Las Vegas royalty. They own the Palms Casino Resort and they’re minority owners in the new NHL franchise Las Vegas Golden Knights. The family also owns a hangover product named ‘Never Too Hungover’ and that’s the underlying reason this $880,000 bet came to pass. The family says any winnings from this bet will go directly towards a charity.

If Floyd Mayweather wins, the bet will pay out $160,000, and that charitable donation could bring some pretty positive publicity to the Maloof family’s ‘Never Too Hungover’ product. Is there a single hangover prevention product on the planet that works? Not according to my biochemistry professor in college. That doesn’t mean that it won’t stop people from spending $$$$$ on products when all they need to do is drinking water. (via LV Sports Biz)