World’s Worst Person Films Brawl Between Manchester City And Manchester United Fans, Yells Nonsense

I want a ringtone of this moron yelling COME ON, CITY! COME ON, CITY! COME ON, CITY! COME ON, CITY! Not only would it force me to answer all my calls, it would annoy everyone within ear shot.

If you made it through two minutes of this guy showing his mastery of the English language, you’re undoubtedly disappointed he didn’t get caught with a wayward fist or bottle. No, it seems there is no justice in this world and his commitment to drunkenly using the C-word lives on.

Look, I support soccer hooliganism as much as the next guy, but it’s pretty lame when associated with England’s two richest clubs. Can people from one side of the city be that passionate about supporting a different group of grossly overpaid players than their rivals?

Give me third-world fan violence. That’s the real deal.

If I wanted to see a bunch of people wearing City and United shirts get into juvenile spats, I’d just go catch an Upper East Side youth soccer match on Sunday morning.

[H/T: Manc Bible]