Guy With Perfect March Madness Bracket Did Not Watch A Single College Basketball Game This Season

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Early today, we reported that there was only one remaining perfect March Madness bracket out of 11.57 million entries in ESPN’s tournament challenge.

Since then, ESPN’s Darrell Rovell tracked down the the man responsible for the only perfect bracket for an interview and it turns out he hasn’t watched a single game this season and filled out his bracket in less than 15 minutes.

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So what type of basketball savant is this guy? How much research and number crunching did he do?

“Nothing,” he said Saturday, after his first two picks of the day, UCLA and Kentucky, advanced. “I actually haven’t watched a full game this entire year.”

Malachi said his brother called him on Thursday morning to remind him that he only had 15 minutes to fill out a bracket. He filled out two.

He also went on to say he didn’t know what upsets he picked or why he picked them.

I knew I had to have some upsets, but I can’t really give you specific reasons as to why I chose certain teams over others,” he said.

You can check out the interview in the video below

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