Marcus Williams Gets Mocked On The Internet After His Missed Tackle Costs The Saints The Game Against Vikings

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The Minnesota Vikings are on their way to the NFC championship game much to the chagrin of Saints rookie safety Marcus Williams, whose missed tackle on Stefon Diggs in the final play of the game cost the Saints a chance to advance in the playoffs.

Williams was so beat up after the game that he reportedly fell to his knees on his way to the locker room and cried after he realized that his missed tacke

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Rookie safety Marcus Williams feel to his knees on his way to locker room after his missed tackle cost saints the game and then inside the locker cried with his head in his hands.

After the play went down the Internet lost its mind and mocked Williams over his missed tackle.

Poor Marcus Williams will have his career defined by the this play and will never be able to live it down. Williams has had a spectacular rookie season, and will probably have a pretty solid career but this is the play that will be replayed over and over again for years to come. Hopefully he gets a chance at redemption and will be able overcome getting embarrassed on a national stage.

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