Mariners Fan, DoorDash Driver Go Viral After Jesse Winker Gets Pizza Delivery Following Ejection

Mariners Fan, DoorDash Driver Go Viral After Jesse Winker Gets A Pizza

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  • The Mariners-Angels game took a wild turn following a benches-clearing, 18-minute long brawl.
  • Jesse Winker was hit by a pitch and wound up as one of eight ejected from the game.
  • Well, Winker got a pizza delivered to him after a Mariners fan ordered on DoorDash, and both the fan and the driver have gone viral.

Sometimes sports is full of unbelievable stories, and Sunday had another chapter in a pageless book. This time, it involved Seattle Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker being sent a Mountain Mike’s pizza after he was ejected from the game in the second inning.

The ejection itself was a whole other story.

But, one Mariners fan quickly tried to make Winker’s day a bit better and placed a DoorDash order to be sent to Angel Stadium. This entire thread is well worth the time to read, and here is the fan, Twitter user @sofieballgame.

That’s a nice gesture, and — believe it or not — the pizza was delivered to the locker room AND acknowledged by Winker himself.

Jesse Winker Sends Mariners Fan A DM, And Both She And The Driver Went Viral

When you follow the entire thread, it remained a question of whether or not the pizza would be delivered to Winker. But, it turns out it was.

The fan wasn’t the only one to get attention. The driver, Simranjeet Singh, received a lot of tips after his Venmo was put on Twitter, and he was highly grateful for everybody that pitched in.

The fan, @sofieballgame, also is getting a jersey.

A wild benches-clearing brawl was the beginning of this story. It somehow turned into Winker getting a pizza and the driver receiving generous praise from baseball fans everywhere.

This has to be in the running for one of the most extraordinary sports stories of the year.