Mark McGwire Gives Expletive-Laced Response As To Whether He’s Being Unfairly Punished For Steroid Use

Mark McGwire at an Oakland A's Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

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Former MLB slugger Mark McGwire is still pleading his case to be placed in the Hall of Fame. The big league first baseman appeared on “Foul Territory” with AJ Pierzynski this week to talk about the bias that exists due to his admitted steroid use.

McGwire says that he, along with players like Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa, are receiving “unfair punishment” from the voters despite there having been little regulation against the use of performance enhancers.

The four-time home run king gave a fiery, expletive-laced response when asked about that unjust treatment on Monday.

“There was no rule, there was no regulation,” McGwire said. “Believe me, trust me, if there were any rules in place, that stuff would’ve never happened. There was no testing, there was no nothing… That was the culture. That’s what was going on back in those days.

“I didn’t need to do it, and I apologize for it, but there was a lot of f—ing hard work that went behind all the s— people want to give me.”

Mark McGwire’s resume is certainly Hall of Fame worthy. The infielder smacked 583 home runs over his 16-year career while also racking up 1,414 RBIs.

McGwire was a 12-time All-Star, a Rookie of the Year, a Gold Glover, a Silver Slugger, and a Home Run Derby champ. He finished second in the MVP voting in his magical 70-homer 1998 campaign behind Sammy Sosa.

Still, his career remains blemished by the steroid use. As of this moment, it doesn’t appear his induction ceremony will come any time soon.