Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Fight In The UFC, Possibly Vs UFC Fighter

Mark Zuckerberg UFC

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It appears that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is still serious about fighting in the UFC.

Last week, Zuckerberg pulled out of his fight with Elon Musk after he claimed Musk was not serious about fighting in the Octagon.

Dana White spoke with TMZ and said that Zuckerberg was only interested in fighting Musk in the UFC, not in his backyard.

“He and I talk multiple times a week,” White and Zuckerberg. “And we had dinner last Monday. He’s very serious about competing. And when he mentioned it, he said — listen — what he was saying in response to Elon was there are tons of professional organizations out there and this is the way this should be done, not in some backyard or whatever Elon was saying.”

White added that Zuckerberg is still interested in fighting in the UFC and could possibly face a current UFC fighter.

As for what’s now next for Zuck … White told the guys “I would say he is absolutely interested” in battling it out with a UFC fighter in White’s org.

And, Dana said it’s a possibility he makes it all happen.

It’s unlikely Zuckerberg would get sanctioned to fight by a commission until he gets a few amateur fights under his belt.

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