Marquette Bro Follows Through On Promise To Pay Providence’s Kris Dunn For Missing Free Throw

There are a lot of different ways that fans try to distract an opposing player’s free-throw attempt, but a peculiar one occurred during the Marquette-Providence game on Wednesday night.

While Providence’s Kris Dunn was at the charity stripe, a Marquette student named Jamey Schilling yelled, “I will literally give you $10 if you miss this shot!”

Wouldn’t you know it, Dunn missed. And because Schilling is a man of his word, the kid actually sent a $10 check to Providence Athletics with a note that described the situation.

This is a pretty solid move by the bro, because, you know, it’s not as if Dunn or Providence was going to hunt the kid down and demand their cash, so props on owning up to it by Schilling—unless it’s money his parents gave him, then he loses a little street creed.

Either way, can’t we just stick to fans waving shit back and forth or guys dancing in speedos as distractions? Those are a little less expensive.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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