Marshawn Lynch Gets In The Face Of Loudmouth Employee In The Season Premiere Of ‘Bar Rescue’

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Marshawn Lynch may have played his last NFL game on Sunday but it seems like we’re still going to be seeing plenty of him on TV in the future.

After the Seahawks-Packers divisional playoff game, Lynch gave young players advice to take care of their body, minds, and financials.

It’s a vulnerable time for a lot of these young dudes they don’t be taking care of their chicken right you feel me…I’ll tell ya’ll while ya’ll in it, take care of your bread so when you’re all done you can go ahead and take care of yourself. So while you’re at it right now, take care ofa’ll bodies, take care of ya’ll chicken, take care of ya’ll mentals because we’re not lasting that long

Unfortunately, Lynch needs a bit of financial advice himself because he’s losing money on his Emeryville soul food restaurant, Rob Ben’s. The Seahawks running back has called upon none other than Jon Taffer to help him figure out the restaurant business and in the trailer for the season premiere of ‘Bar Rescue’ Lynch could be seen setting a loudmouth employee straight for acting up.

The season premiere of Bar Rescue featuring Marshawn Lynch airs on March 1st at 10 pm EST.