Golf Fans Floored By The Ridiculous Amount Of Money The Masters Makes Each Year On Merchandise

A view from outside the clubhouse at the Masters.

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The Masters is maybe the most recognizable brand in all of golf, and the merchandise sales reflect that. Fans are absolutely floored by the ridiculous amount of money brought in at the tournament each year.

With this week ringing in the 2023 edition, those long lines at the pro shops are being posted online. Even during the practice rounds, bystanders can see hour-plus waits.

Those wait times only expect to grow as the event gets started, though the incoming weather could deter some from attending. As those purchasers continue to spend their hard-earned money on Masters merch, Augusta National reaps the benefits.

Sports and business expert Joe Pompliano reports that the venue anticipates seeing insane profits.

$1 million an hour!!

Talk about raking it in. The merchandise sales make up for nearly 50% of the total revenue for the tournament, which comes out to around $150 million each year.

Fans online were quick to react to the ridiculous sales numbers as they posted their replies in the comments section.

One person wrote, “This is why they can sell cheap food!!” The Masters is known for its impossibly cheap concession stand prices.

Another follower posted, “Tough to get, but if you have it, extremely recognizable. Masters has been carefully designed across the board. A top brand.”

This fan commented, “Worth every cent!”

Masters merchandise is hard to get your hands on as its only sold on site, unless of course, you want to pay ridiculous markups at secondary markets online.

The team certainly has the sales plan down to a science, and they see the payoff year after year.