Matt Campbell Makes Absurd Comments While Explaining His Goals Don’t Include Iowa State Winning The Big 12

matt campbell iowa state goal not win big 12

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  • Matt Campbell’s goals for Iowa State don’t include a Big 12 title, and for some reason, he thinks fans should know that.
  • The Iowa State head coach made a coach-speak-filled speech about what his goals for his teams actually are.
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Iowa State played in the Big 12 title game in 2020, and with a lot of talent returning for the Cyclones this season, expectations were high for Matt Campbell’s group.

Plenty of fans and media members alike picked Iowa State to compete for a conference title again in 2021, but that was never the goal for Campbell, he literally admitted that during a recent press conference.

Campbell is much more worried about checking cliche boxes on his team’s resume than actually winning a trophy.

He stood in front of the media on Tuesday, talked in the third person quite often, and said his goal for his team was just to be “the best version of ourselves.”

“Not me. That was never my goal,” Campbell said with a finger in the air after a reporter suggested his goal was to win a conference title.

“My goal has always been one thing, and that is to become the best version of ourselves that we can become. So you’ve never heard me say that word once, you’ve only heard me talk about becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, and really, my challenge for this year’s team was to become the ‘greatest together’ team in the history of Iowa State football.”

“So far, all of our goals are still intact, from a coach Campbell standpoint. Now, could our players have other goals and aspirations? Sure. Do I want them to have great goals and aspirations? Sure.”

“But that is not coach Campbell’s goal. That was never said by me.”

Matt Campbell Is The King Of Coach-Speak

That, my friends, maybe the most obnoxious, coach-speak-filled speech in the history of speeches.

Iowa State fans can’t possibly watch Campbell say those things and have faith that he may actually ever win a conference title. He literally said that’s not his goal.

On top of all that, Campbell is being linked to some big-time jobs around the college football world and has been for multiple years now. Athletic directors and fans at other programs have to be turned off, big time, after hearing him spew word vomit as he did on Tuesday.