Former Patriots O-Lineman Thinks New England Being Bad This Season Is All Part Of Bill Belichick’s Strategy

matt light patriots losing part of belichick strategy

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Bill Belichick is a football genius, there is no denying that, but this season the Patriots find themselves in unfamiliar territory at 2-5 on the year and third in the AFC East as they near the halfway point of their season.

While many Patriots’ fans out there are concerned about how and when this team could possibly turn things around, one former New England legend isn’t worried at all. In fact, he thinks that the Patriots’ struggles this season are all a part of some sort of strategy that Belichick has put in place for the very unique 2020 season.

Matt Light, an offensive lineman that won three rings with the Pats, is still 100% confident in Belichick and thinks that nobody will remember this Patriots season when they get back to their winning ways in a few years.

“Five years from now, when we look back on this season, are we going to be talking about it?,” Light explained on WEEI on Tuesday. “Are we going to be comparing it? We win a Super Bowl back in the day and they compare it to a previous Super Bowl we won. ‘Oh, this one was so much bigger.’ And, ‘Remember that year?’ No one is going to look back on the 2020 season and compare it to anything other than, it was a joke. It was ridiculous.”

Light firmly believes that this is all just part of a play from Belichick and that the franchise is using this season as some sort of stepping stone for when things get back to ‘normal.’

“This is not the game of football we all know. It’s something other than that. Bill recognized it early on. I firmly believe that. And I think he’s building for the time that we can play for a real championship, with real players getting after it, fully prepared, getting ready to go.”

What Light is essentially saying here is that this NFL season doesn’t matter. That’s going to be the way plenty of teams look at their 2020 campaign if they’re a bad football team, which the Patriots have been this season, but it’s tough to see successful teams jump on board with that idea when it’s all said and done.

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