Matthew McConaughey Talking About Texas ‘Whooping TCU’s Ass’ Is Classic McConaughey

It’s been a weird last few weeks for Texas football fans. Charlie Strong is on his way out the door in Austin, despite there not being an official announcement from UT yet. Now the biggest Longhorn football fan in the universe, Matthew McConaughey, is speaking up on the situation. A Fox7 Austin reporter tracked him down when he was walking out of a 7/11 in Downtown Austin. Here’s what he had to say, which has been so expertly transcribed by the Austin American Statesmen:

Fox7’s Ashley Paredez [creeping]: I’m sorry to be a creeper.

McConaughey [continues to walk]: You are a creeper.

Paredez: We’re doing a story about the Longhorns, and I thought you’d be perfect to comment about the whole thing with Charlie Strong right now. I know a lot of people love him and what he’s done to rebuild the program. What do you think?

McConaughey [looks away thoughtfully, then speaks]: For his entire three years here, he’s had one goal in mind: What’s best for these young men. [Nods head slowly for effect.] That’s been his goal, and that’s the message that we’ll take forward. That’s the message that the whole university and all our fans and all the kids are going to take forward. No doubt, for three years he’s been about what’s best for these young men and who they are in the rest of their life. That’s going to be the legacy of Charlie Strong, and that’s a great thing. And that’s why we’re gonna go out and whup TCU’s ass Friday. [Prolongs pronunciation of “ass” for effect. Nods assuredly. Exits.]

Can we just talk for a second about how Matthew McConaughey is wearing a backwards “Alright” hat? I swear I keep getting older and he just stays the same age.

God I hope he’s on the way to go play some bongo drums after that 7/11 run. The man is truly Austin’s native son.

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