Bro Move: NFL Prospect Maurice Canady Honors Slain Officer On His Cleats During NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is the most important job interview that a football player can ever have, where talent and physical skills are measured, and a couple tenth of a seconds can mean all the difference in where a player is drafted.

One of the other tests players go through are personality exams—and, in that, former Virginia Cavaliers cornerback Maurice Canady just passed with flying colors.

After Prince William County Officer Ashley Guindon was tragically shot to death on her first day on the job days ago, the NFL hopeful, Canady—whose cousin is an officer in the same department—paid tribute to Guindon on his cleats at the NFL Combine, showing he understands what’s really important in life.

Canady says that he’ll donate one cleat to the slain officer’s family and the other will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to Ashley Guindon’ memorial fund.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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