The Dallas Mavericks Forgot What Side Of Court They Were On In Historic Blunder

Dallas Mavericks Star Luka Doncic

Getty Image / Tim Heitman

Anyone who has ever played basketball has had the fear of shooting on the wrong basket. And, while the Dallas Mavericks did not do that last night, they did something just as embarrassing, especially considering that it’s the NBA.

The Mavericks have been treading water since they traded for Kyrie Irving in early February. Heading into Wednesday’s crucial game against the Golden State Warriors, they were sitting at an incredibly mediocre 36-36, tied for 8th in the Western Conference Standings.

Early on, Luka Dončić was doing his thing.

And, the game stayed nip and tuck throughout the early going, with the Mavericks trailing at halftime, 65-63. And, the third quarter was back and forth, as well. But, the play that many will remember for a long time, happened near the end of the quarter.

Wait. What just happened? Did the Mavs forget what side of the court they were on? Well, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke out about it after the game on Twitter.

For those wondering about the play with 1:54 to go on the 3rd, let me explain what happened. The ref called Mavs ball . The announcer announced it. Then there was a timeout . During the time out the official changed the call and never told us. Then when they saw us line up as if it were our ball, he just gave the ball to the warriors. Never said a word to us They got an easy basketball. Crazy that it would matter in a 2 point game. Worst officiating non call mistake possibly in the history of the NBA . All they had to do was tell us and they didn’t.

Now, who knows the veracity of what Cuban is saying. But, naturally, because the world works in mysterious ways, the Mavericks ended up losing the game by two, 127-125.

And, the Dallas Mavericks are going to protest the game.

In the history of the NBA, six protested games have actually had to have been replayed in some way, shape, or form, which is actually quite a high number. The NBA will have to make a ruling shortly, and I’m sure they will talk to all involved to make a decision.