McKayla Maroney Makes Surprise Appearance At The Grammys, Wows Fans In Wild Red Dress

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So… did you watch the Grammys Sunday night? Or did you, much like Ben Affleck, who was there, have better things to do?

It was quite a night. Beyonce showed up late because she was stuck in traffic, showed up and was mentioned in almost ever segment of the show, then lost Album of the Year for the fourth time, this time to Harry Styles, sparking all sorts of hand-wringing.

Another music legend who was in attendance was 2012 gold medal winning gymnast McKayla Maroney, who made a surprise visit to the Grammys Sunday night in a red dress that turned heads.

The 27-year-old left her fans anything but unimpressed with the photos and video she shared on Instagram of her, what appears to be a promotional appearance since one of her products appeared in the Grammys gift bag.

“Had fun at Grammys tonight!,” McKayla Maroney wrote. “My Glowy lip gloss by @miage_skincare was in every Grammy gift bag, so Taylor Swift might be using my lip gloss later tn just saying….. I HOPE IT BLESSES HER. Hahah, also this dress weighed 60 pounds, and was a beautiful nightmare to walk a few miles in. I got a great arm workout holding it off the floor! People were stopping me on the street to take pictures of IT!!!! Not me. (This probably won’t be the last of the pictures I post) Have a beautiful night xoxo.”

Maroney also shared a video of her getting pictures taken (like she was going to prom) in the yard at her house.

Can you imagine how much money McKayla Maroney would have made in 2012-2013 if TikTok had been around then?

Maroney wasn’t just a corporate shill at the Grammys Sunday night. As her diehard fans are very well aware, she is also a singer.

Back in 2020, she finally began recording some of the music she had been promising her fans for years.

Her first song was called “Wake Up Call.”

Later that year, McKayla Maroney released two more songs: “Spose To Do” and “COVID LOCKDOWN.”

She may have written it as a joke, but it ended up being one hell of an earworm.

More music now please, McKayla.

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